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Intellectbase Editorial Review, Ethical Policies, and Statements

IIC is one of the world's leading publishers of high-quality research in Academia and industrial practices. IIC has an unwavering commitment to providing the best methodical journal content and presenting it in an understandable format. 

In the areas of integrity and journalism excellence, IIC has a higher editorial standard. IIC publications are based on the most current research information available and are reviewed by our editorial team. When there is a lack of research competence on a topic (technical or exploratory), IIC Reviewers Task Panel (RTP) provides extensive feedback (based on what is known and accurate) to the author(s). 

Industrial sponsorships have no influence on the IIC editorial board whatsoever and are required and determined to stay independent regarding IIC research practices.

All academic papers submitted to Intellectbase Journals for publications undergo rigorous, double-blind, external peer review. In the double-blind peer review process, neither the reviewers nor the authors know the identity of each other. This enables an unbiased and accurate review of the research paper. Reviewers are selected based on their area of expertise, interests, reputation, and research experience. Importantly, reviewers are asked to declare any conflict of interest-based on the contents of the research paper. If a conflict of interest occurs, a reviewer is requested to decline to review the research paper. 

Upon receiving a research paper from an author, it is reviewed by a member of the Editorial Board as the first step. If the research paper passes the initial editorial review, it is sent to external reviewers for double-blind peer review. An invitation is sent to a minimum of three (3) experts in the field to review the research paper. If the reviewer accepts to review a paper, a review form (RF) and the research paper (CRP) are sent to reviewers without the researcher or author(s) name and affiliations. The required turnaround timeframe is three to seven (3-7) weeks in the review process and not exceeding two months.

The Editors and Reviewers must make recommendations for publishing a research paper using the guideline, feedback scorecard sheet (GFSS), see page 2. Offensive language in comments is prohibited. Should this occur, there would be a need to edit the reviewer's comments for any error(s) or language or remove confidential information. When a research paper's peer review and editorial process are complete, the reviewer's and editor's comments are sent back to the author with the editorial decision. If the authors are asked to resubmit the research paper with changes and, or responses to comments, revisions may be required for re-peer review.

Manuscripts can be withdrawn either by the authors or the publishers before it is formally published. If the authors request withdrawal of a manuscript, a signed statement from the authors will be required by the Editorial Board. Suppose a manuscript is found to violate the ethical publishing guidelines of the journal, such as duplicate publication, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, multiple submission, or bogus claims of authorship. In that case, the manuscript will be withdrawn by the publisher. In this case, the manuscript content will be removed from all publication mediums (e.g., PDF, Online, etc. versions) and withdrawn footnote indicated if necessary. 

A discovery of any error in a manuscript after publication, corrections (Erratum, Corrigendum, Addendum) will be published in the next issue or as soon as the publisher and author both agree to the proposed changes. The corrections will be published only if a significant error is found in the manuscript, like factually inaccurate published information. Minor corrections which do not significantly affect the content and understanding of the manuscript, like spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, will not be reprinted.

When a correction is published, it will be linked to the manuscript being corrected, and a link to the corrections page will also be placed on the manuscript published earlier. The correction will also be added to the PDF version of the manuscript. No changes or modifications will be made to the original content of the manuscript PDF. This will enable the readers to download the manuscript and the amendment together. The original published version of the manuscript, in an Online and PDF, the format will be preserved in journal archives to maintain the integrity of the published record.

IIC will appreciate your honest feedback on the quality of IIC publications and content. Please e-mail us:
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