(1) Conference Proceedings are Peer-Reviewed, (2) All Academic Journals are Double Blind Reviewed, (3) Both Conference Proceedings
and Journals are Indexed and Archived with the U.S. Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA, (4) Journals are Listed and Indexed
with Major Directories e.g. EBSCOhost Discovery - Worldwide, Cabell's, JournalSeek, Google Scholar, etc.





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SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA - MARCH 16-17, 2018

Below are hotel details for the March 2018 academic conference and please take advantage of the discounted rate.

The March 2018 Intellectbase International Consortium Academic Conference will be hosted at the Doubletree San Antonio Downtown Hotel. A limited number of rooms may be available to conference attendees at a discounted rate of TBA per night (exclusive of hotel taxes and fees). This rate included complimentary parking and WiFi. You may call +1-210-224-7155 and use Reservation code INTELLECTBASE CONFERENCE. For online registration enter code: ITB

Should you have any difficulty making your reservation or need personal assistance, please call the hotel sales office direct at 1-210-388-0335. For sightseeing in San Antonio click here.

San Antonio
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 04, 2018 (For extension, email extensions@intellectbase.org)
Submissions received after the deadline will be published in the CD-ROM only of the conference proceeding.

ABSTRACTS, RESEARCH-IN-PROGRESS, FULL PAPERS, CASE STUDIES, POSTERS etc. should be emailed as an MS Word attachment to reviewers@intellectbase.org.
Author(s) will usually be notified of Acceptance / Feedback via email within 3-15 days of Submission.

Participants are invited to exchange ideas and share experiences on new research challenges, findings and state-of-the-art solutions. All Conceptual and Empirical papers are very welcome.

All accepted papers are double-blind, peer reviewed and will be published in the conference proceedings upon registration. Recommended Papers will be considered for Journal Publication.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following academic disciplines:


Administration, Politcal, & SocialEducation & ManagementScience & Technology
Education Administration & PracticesMarketingComputer Information Systems
Human Resource Systems & PracticesEconomicsE-business / E-Commerce
Academic Affairs and AdministrationAccountingTelecommunication
Political ScienceSupply Chain ManagementComputer Science
Governmental Systems & PracticesOperations ManagementScience & Technology
Intelligence Systems & PracticesSociology & Social ScienceInformation Science
Health (Care & Management)Art & CreativitySecurity
Hospitality and Hospital ManagementCommunication & LinguisticsHealth Science
Transportation Systems & LogisticsKnowledge SystemsEngineering / Mathematics
World History & Creative ArtsManagement Information SystemsIEEE Innovations
World Bank & Foreign Aid ProjectsOrganizational & Behavioral ScienceEnvironmental Issues
International Monetary Funds SystemsEducational Management & PracticesScientific Human Intelligence
United Nations and the WorldBehavioral ScienceComputational Human Intelligence
Developed, Developing & Emerging CountriesAcademic Advising & CounselingResearch and Development
Communications and PsychologyEthical ScienceKinesiology Science

*****       All Research Philosophies are Encouraged!       *****

(i.e. Hard, Soft, Hybrid and Triangulation Methodologies and Approaches)

Intellectbase Journals are listed in major publication directories: e.g. Cabell, ABDC, Ulrich's Directory and JournalSeek and available through EBSCO Library Services. In addition, Intellectbase Journals are in the process to be listed in the following databases: ProQuest, ABI Inform, CINAHL, ACADEMIC JOURNALS DATABASE, Thomson SCI, Thomson SSCI and ERIC.

Submit Your Paper

All submitted papers must be in English and saved as a Microsoft Word compatible file (e.g. .doc, .docx, .rtf). Please attach and email your submission to: reviewers@intellectbase.org.

The first page(s) of ALL submissions must include: Specific Conference to which the paper is being submitted (e.g. San Antonio, 2018), Paper Heading, Title (e.g. Dr. Prof., Mr., Mrs., etc.), Name, Full Affiliation, Address, Phone, E-Mail for all authors, Paper Category (e.g. Abstract, Full Paper, RIP, etc.), Track to which paper is submitted (e.g. Business, Science, Education, etc.), a 200 - 500 word Abstract and a minimum of five (5) Keywords.

Please see below for specific paper category guidelines.

Full Papers
7 - 15 5000 - 7000
5 - 12 2500 - 5000
Extended Abstracts
1 - 4 500 - 1500
2 - 5 1000 - 3000
Case Studies
3 - 10 1500 - 5000
A3 Paper Size Research Title, Research Model or Framework

Text should be formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch paper, 11 point Arial Narrow font that is single-spaced, with one inch margins and left justified. References should generally follow Harvard or APA style guidelines.

The following is the suggested format for paper submissions:

  • Paper Title
  • ALL authors' Title (e.g. Dr, Mr, Mrs, etc.) & Name, Affiliation, Address, Phone, Email
  • Specific Conference (e.g. San Antonio 2018)
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Abstract and Keywords
  • Introduction / Background / Objective
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology, Findings, Analysis & Discussion, etc.
  • Conclusion, Limitations and Recommendations
  • References - Harvard or APA Style is Required, Click here for Reference Style Guidelines.
  • Tables, figures, etc. in their appropriate location in the paper (if applicable)
  • Click here for a Paper Formatting Example

The Registration includes publication of your Full Paper in the conference proceedings. Each registered attendee will receive a choice of a CD-ROM or Flash Drive of the proceeding at the conference (must indicate a preference in your email when returning the Copyright Form).

  • Please indicate in the email the specific conference (e.g. San Antonio, 2018) and track (e.g. Business) to which the paper is being submitted.
  • All submitted papers are peer reviewed and accepted papers are published in a refereed conference proceeding. Outstanding articles will be considered for publication in one of the 15 distinguished refereed journals.
  • Intellectbase international reviewers task panel (RTP) will examine submitted papers with respect to originality, significance, clarity, methodology, evidence, creativity or technical soundness, academic quality, and their relation to the themes of the conference.
  • The executive editorial board (EEB) will re-examine accepted articles in regards to the intellectual framework and their significance to society in general.
  • Original papers exploring research challenges will be carefully reviewed for Intellectbase International Awards (IIA)!
  • Papers that have already been accepted or are currently under review for other conferences or journals will not be considered for publication.

* _Where a preferred format (CD-ROM or Flash Drive) is not specified one week prior to conference commencement, a Flash Drive will be provided by default.

Conference Registration

Please sign the Copyright Form attached in the Acceptance Letter and indicate your preference for the Full peer reviewed proceedings (CD ROM or Flash Drive). Conference participants who are only attending must also indicate their preference.

Early Registration
Up to February 27, 2018$395.00
Normal Registration
February 22 - March 17, 2018$450.00
Student Registration
Up to March 7, 2018$250.00
Additional Papers
Up to February 27, 2018$150.00 ea.
Additional Authors*
Up to March 7, 2018$95.00 ea.
Additional Author Attendance
March 7, 2018$195.00 ea.
*Note: The fee for Additional Author on a paper (not attending) is $150.00ea. Papers that are jointly written (where more than one author will be attending the conference) the fee for the second and subsequent author’s attendance will be $195.00.

Register Now secure transactions (Please take Advantage of the Early Registration)

Early Registration
Student Registration
Normal Registration
Additional Paper or Author
Additional Author Attendance

Registration Fee Covers: Continental Breakfast, Conference Welcome Package, Full Refereed Conference Proceeding (choice* of Flash Drive or CD-ROM), Session Break Refreshments, Networking & Collaboration Opportunities, and Rooms Setup with Laptops and Projectors.

*Please note: Where a preferred format (CD-ROM or Flash Drive) is not specified one week prior to conference commencement, a Flash Drive will be provided by default

Register via Check or Money Order

Please send your registration fee, Check or Money Order, to the following address:
(Make checks payable to Intellectbase.)

Intellectbase International Consortium
1615 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208, USA
ATTN: Wenting Xie - Conference Coordinator

Cancellation Policy

A 29% processing fee will be applied to all refunds. Tangible reason(s) must be provided and fulfill IIC policies in order to receive a refund. This may take approximately two months. No refunds will be made if your paper has been accepted for a conference, a free electronic membership certificate has been emailed or a travelling Visa application is refused. All cancellations must be in writing, include Author's Name and Paper Title and be mailed to: Intellectbase International Consortium, 1615 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208. Attn: Dr. David King (chair@intellectbase.org).

Intellectbase International Conferences (IIC) 2018

Submission  Deadlines

Atlanta, GA. USA - September 30, 2018

Las Vegas NV, USA - November 25, 2018

San Antonio, TX, USA - March 04, 2018

Nashville, TN, USA - May 06, 2018

Email all papers to:  reviewers@intellectbase.org

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment within one week after your electronic submissions, please contact us at feedback@intellectbase.org.

General Inquiries and Feedback

Conference Chair
Intellectbase International Consortium
1615 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208